Assessment Test for Candidates

If you are a candidate who is invited to take one of the assessment then please Click here to be redirected to assessment website.

Assessment – Scientific Selection and Development Tool

We have created online assessment platform to evaluate the suitability of candidate for targeted jobs based on below four  criteria:-

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Psychometric & IQ

Behavioral competencies

Technical competencies

We will suggest suitable assessments for each job. Assessments are based on scientific methodology and are reliable in predicting success of candidates in future job roles.

These assessments can be used to provide data for decision making related to external as well as internal candidate recruitment. The output of assessments is also useful in determining fitness of candidate to future jobs created due to restructuring or transformation projects.

Assessments helps in identifying potential gaps in proficiency of candidates for each competency level. Hence, learning paths for candidates can be created based on assessment findings.


Standard and Customized Assessments

We have created library of assessments for various jobs in all support functions across industries.

We are also capable of providing custom assessments based on your requirements. We have extensive network of subject matter experts from various functions and industries to help us prepare reliable assessment tests tailored to jobs in your organization.

Detailed job descriptions are required to create reliable assessments. In case you need help in job analysis and creating job descriptions, we are more than happy to provide our services for the same as well. We can develop professional job descriptions and use them to create suitable assessments for candidates.