Complete Talent Acquisition

Provide end to end Talent Acquisition Solution including but not limited to Advertising, Sourcing, Screening, Assessing, Interviewing, Selection and onboarding support.

Ensure right external talents are inducted in the company and right internal talents are promoted in timely manner.
Advanced research in the strongest databases by a professional team of researchers specialized in caring for all the advanced cadres of different works.
Conduct interviews in an integrated manner, with the aim of conducting advanced and appropriate classification and nomination processes for each job.
Periodic performance monitoring where we conduct accurate and fair assessments on an ongoing basis.
Providing post-employment support services.

Organizational Transformation

Develop the organizational transformation roadmap, including operating model, organizational structure, job analysis, process analysis, change management as well as provide policies, procedures, job descriptions and standard operating procedures.

Restructure and develop the company's capabilities, resources and systems to maximize efficiency while addressing both internal and external challenges.
Design the appropriate organizational structure for the nature of the company's work and adapt it to trends.
Performance management and development of key performance indicators.
Building the operational model of the organizational structure.
Review and develop business manuals of policies and procedures.
Building job descriptions supporting institutional success.
Benchmarking based on best practices and international standards.
Restructuring by evaluating the company's internal and external environment and developing business methods to ensure effective and efficient performance.

Human Resource Consultancy

Evaluation and improvement of Human Resources and their management systems to align vision of the Company with its human capital needs.

Recommend appropriate strategies to identify and develop talent competencies to maximize return on investment in human capital.
Specialized consultancy in the field of human resources.
Preparing strategic directions for human resources management.
Review organizational structure and task guides.
Design job description cards based on the mural system.
Human resources planning.
Identify the training needs of employees.
Develop training and career development plans.
Prepare an evaluation of the performance of workers based on the merit system.
Develop incentive structures, salaries and regulations.
Developing human resources management policies and procedures.
Advice from highly specialized experts in the field of organization design.
Providing advanced and deep knowledge in human resources management.
To provide the best strategies to meet the most important challenges of working in different sectors and professions.

Developing Strategies

Help companies prepare strategic plans to work in line with strategic objectives identified based on understanding of current situation.

Guide them to effectively utilize their potential and resources to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively to create sustainable competitive advantage.
Strategic plans in the short, medium and long term.
Design vision, mission and values.
Designing strategic directions.
Balanced scorecard design.
The development and implementation of modern and sophisticated plans to suit the needs of the customer and companies as per their internal and external environment.
Helping senior management in companies and organizations to develop and implement growth & development strategies that quickly improve efficiency and performance.
To provide high quality strategies that takes into account the company's objectives of development, growth and financial sustainability as well as profitability.

Technology Services

Vision Pioneers work with its partners to provide the best technology services to ensure improved operational efficiency through innovative business solutions.

Provide Development, Implementation and Support for various cutting edge integrated technology solutions to enhance business intelligence, decision making and business capabilities.
Our offerings are listed below but not limited to following services: -
Business Process automation
Business analytics
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Customer support desk
Corporate help desk for employees
Technology infrastructure management services
Outsourcing IT services

Corporate Alignment & Branding

Vision Pioneers can help you in aligning all the objectives to the company vision and create unified branding for all organizational assets:
Review all strategies, policies and procedures and align them to corporate vision.
Develop Internal framework for aligning objectives to strategies.
Establish unique corporate identity.
Create branding guidelines such as logo, typography, color schemes, visual guidelines etc.
Create document templates such as letterheads, envelopes, posters etc.

Web Designing and Content Creation

We provide complete, cost effective and cutting edge web designing packages to take your business online in short time such as:
Layout design, wireframes and mockups
Creating themes and styles as per your branding guidelines
Converting mockups into web page
Creating tailored content for all web pages
Web hosting, domain and storage services
Providing content management solution to maintain website
Implement eCommerce capabilities
Integrate website with enterprise software for providing live data
Search engine optimization for digital marketing
Website monitoring and support services

Other Services

Institutional excellence assessment and process improvements services as per best practices using advanced tools and techniques.
Market research and studies
Comprehensive quality certificates and ISO preparation
Implementing and evaluating organizational maturity as per EFQM excellence framework
Value stream analysis
Productivity improvement
Six sigma analysis
Work and method study
Business Process Re-engineering